STOPPi® is a healthy alternative to existing sucking habits. It is an oral screen made from highly elastic silicone. Contrary to STOPPi®, ´normal´pacifiers are foreign objects in the child’s mouth, which cause mal-position of the teeth and jaws. STOPPi® is suitable for children from the age of two years.


The special characteristic

STOPPi® has lateral bite planes to keep the appliance in the mouth more easily. Typically there is no frontal bite plane between the teeth, so it does not cause an open bite. Undisturbed self-regulation is possible.

Kopie von Hinz_02

STOPPi® allows no object between the front teeth that causes any damage. Therefore the upper and lower jaw and the teeth can develop undisturbed into a correct position to each other.

To keep the molars busy and hold STOPPi® perfectly in mouth, the appliance has been provided with delicate bite planes.


STOPPi® is a healthy alternative to existing sucking habits. The exchange should be lovingly supported and taken place voluntarily. During the changeover period, extra patience on the part of the parents will be required.


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