MUPPY® is an oral screen which is available in different variations and for different indications. Oral screens have been developed forty years ago and are still the most used tool to wean off damaging habits and correct malfunctions.

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MUPPY stand

Muppy® Standard

The preventive oral screen: Where there is yet no severe malocclusion, harmful sucking habits can be stopped with this screen.

MUPPY® Standard also helps with reverse (infantile) swallowing, tongue habits, lip biting or sucking and assists changing from mouth to nose breathing.

The screen rests between the lips and teeth. This oral screen is available in two different sizes: for the primary dentition (red ring) and for the mixed dentition (blue ring). It is also available in two hardness grades (elastic and rigid).

MUPPY Standard_2

Muppy® with bite cap

Thumbsucking often leads to a protrusion of the upper front teeth or enhances an already existing retrusion of the lower jaw = Class II.

This is the indication for MUPPY® with bite cap for the lower front teeth. At the beginning of the mixed dentition in a deep bite situation with traumatic contact to gingiva, MUPPY® with bite cap made of silicone can be helpful. The deep bite can be corrected during the eruption of the first permanent molars.

The cap prohibits the tilting of the screen. The lower jaw is guided forward by the cap into a neutral jaw relation, thus making lip closure easier.

MUPPY gitter

Muppy® with wire guard

Frontal open bite is the only malocclusion which might improve to a normal overbite simply by screening off the tongue. This is also true in the mixed dentition when the open bite is accompanied by spaced teeth. This is called "interceptive treatment" because success depends on breaking the habits. In such cases MUPPY® has to be worn regularly also during daytime – sometimes for several months.

The tongue guard stops the tongue from resting between the teeth.

MUPPY Zungengitter 2
MUPPY perle

Muppy® with pearl

This special oral screen is indicated in order to direct the muscle-weak tongue toward the palate due to a pearl that is attached to the wire. It is especially used for children with Down´s syndrome and cerebral palsies.

MUPPY® with pearl is indicated for tongue dysfunctions, atypical swallowing, speech deficiencies and salivation because of open mouth posture.

The pearl directs the tongue toward the palate. This leads to the closure of the mouth. The tongue will be led correctly in order to avoid malpositions of the teeth.

MUPPY Perle 2

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