BRUXI® is a lower jaw silicone splint that has to be worn only at nighttime and protects tooth enamel.

The silicone splint will be applied at an early stage – possibly from the age of three – and can effectively stop bruxing when worn at nighttime for a few weeks. It is also applicable for all other age groups.

The set includes four BRUXI® (impression tray), SILICOfix, ‘DIRECT-silicone, 4x mixing cannulas, 1x grinding cap.



Approximately 20 percent of the children and adolescents are affected by nighttime bruxism. This unhealthy habit is mostly carried on into adult age and causes further disturbance of the masticatory system and the jaw joints.

Noisy bruxing can already occur after eruption of the primary molars at the age of two. Causes presumably are psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety, aggressiveness or an unfavorable occlusion.


Fitting of BRUXI

The flat BRUXI® splint, similar to an impression tray, can be individually fitted to the dentition. For that purpose an impression with the fast-curing silicone ´DIRECT´ is either directly taken in the mouth or from the plaster model.

Previously the inside of the BRUXI® splint has to be wetted with SILCOfix® and wiped with a soft paper cloth.

angepasste bruxischiene

Curing process in the mouth takes approximately 90 seconds, on the plaster model about three minutes. Before trimming you have to wait for five minutes. The excess and the grip can be cut with a pair of scissors.


BRUXI®plus (the individually fitted splint) on a model. If the splint has been bitten through due to heavy grinding, it has to be replaced.


BRUXI for primary dentition (age 3 - 6)

BRUXI® is only available in one single size for the lower jaw incorporating the first permanent molar. For use in the primary dentition the silicone has to be shortened distally with a pair of scissors.

The inner and outer surface shows a slight inclined marking which indicates the cut-off (approx. 1 cm). After eruption of the first molar BRUXI® is used without cutting.


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