Ortho-Piet is the all-rounder among our heroes. Bravely he fights against tooth displacements and malposition of the jaw with children of the age of three. Pacifier &  co do not have a chance with Ortho-Piet!


What is the OrthoPreventAligner®?

The OrthoPreventAligner® (OPA) is a training device for correcting false posture of the oral musculature made of a highly elastic silicone. It helps  children from the age of three years to correct already existing malposition of the teeth and tongue effectively and at an early stage.


How does OPA help?

  • strenghtens the musculature of the lips
  • leads from the harmful mouth breathing to healthy nasal breathing
  • can eliminate speech defects (e. g. lisping)
  • restores the biting function of the dentition
  • corrects malfunctions of the tongue
  • eliminates teeth grinding and protects the tooth structure
  • helps to wean off the pacifier, thumb sucking ect.

The OrthoPreventAligner® is available in different variations. Please ask your dentist to work with you to identify the suitable variant.


The rules of OPA

  • OPA must be worn every night.
  • For a better habituation OPA should be used by day for some hours (e. g. while playing or watching TV).
  • OPA should be kept in the hygiene box.
  • Don´t forget: Brush your teeth and OPA regularly!

Please ask your dentist! You will find a product flyer in the Download menu!

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