Merle Muppy

It´s Merle´s turn when it comes to the special cases. She is the specialist for tooth displacements and speech defects. Her superpowers especially help children with Down´s syndrome and cerebral palsy.


What is Muppy®?

MUPPY® is an oral screen that pertains to the most used tools in order to break damaging habits and malfunctions. Orals screens are manufactured in four different variations (standard, with bite cap, with wire guard or with pearl), in two different sizes (for the primary dentition and early mixed dentition) and is made from a hard plastic (polystyrene) or elastic silicone (silopren).MUPPY® is usually used for children from the age of four years – before that age children are normally not “treatable” in an independent way (independent insertion and removal).

MUPPY® lies loosely behind the lips and in front of the teeth and is hold by the musculature of the lips.

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How does Muppy® help?

  • helps weaning off the pacifier or thumb sucking
  • strengthens the musculature of the lips
  • leads from the harmful mouth breathing to healthy nasal breathing
  • can eliminate speech defects (e. g. lisping)
  • restores the biting function of the dentition
  • corrects malfunctions of the tongue

MUPPY® is available in different variations. Please ask your dentist to work with you to identify the suitable variant.


The rules of MUPPY®

  • The exchange should be made willingly and without pressure.
  • MUPPY® must be worn every night (also 6-8 weeks after the weaning to prevent a relapse).
  • For a better habituation MUPPY® should be used by day for some hours (e. g. while playing or watching TV).
  • MUPPY® should be kept in the hygiene box.
  • Don´t forget: Brush your teeth and MUPPY® regularly!

Please ask your dentist! You will find a product flyer in the Download menu!

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