Forget about teeth grinding, head ache and aching musculature of the face and jaw with Bruxibear. He´s got the secret weapon to protect the chewing musculature and tooth substance and provides children from the age of three with an undisturbed sleep.


What is bruxism?

Approximately 50 percent of the infants are affected by nighttime bruxism by the age of ten months. The causes of bruxism have not been clarified yet. Teeth grinding is often described as a natural effect, because the milk teeth need to “grind in” to each other. Nevertheless intensive teeth grinding can strain the musculature of the face and jaws and lead to tensions and headache (similar to aching muscles).

Your dentist will adjust BRUXI® individually on your child´s dentition. For that purpose an impression is either directly taken in your child´s mouth or from the plaster model. Afterwards the dentist can "produce" BRUXI® within a few minutes.

angepasste bruxischiene

The rules of Bruxi®

  1. Accomodation time: Children who have not used a pacifier have to get used to a foreign body in the mouth. The chewing gum effect of the silicone base in return will surely be helpful. For the first three days BRUXI® should only be worn in the late afternoon or evening wearing time.
  2. Wearing time: During the first week BRUXI® should be used for one hour before sleeping and during the night. If BRUXI® stays in all night it should be worn only at night.
  3. Duration of wearing: Nighttime use as long as the patient bruxes to protect the teeth from damage and attrition. After 8 to 12 weeks of constant use experimentally discontinue the BRUXI® and observe if bruxing reoccurs.

Please ask your dentist! You will find a product flyer in the Download menu!

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