Thumbs, pacifier or baby bottle – all of them are foreign bodies in your child´s mouth, which deform the rows of teeth and the shape of the jaws – especially the upper jaw – when using them permanently.

Our heroes help you and your children to fight against malpositions of the jaw, speech defect and unloved hare teeth! You may also spare yourself expensive and tedious orthodontic treatments.

Our heroesarrow down


With the help of his friends from the age of two and his secret weapon – the weaning pacifier STOPPi® – Steppke Stoppi fights against his biggest enemies: pacifiers and thumbs. With STOPPi® you can win every fight und bring your teeth in the right position.

Merle Muppy

It´s Merle´s turn when it comes to the special cases. She is the specialist for tooth displacements and speech defects. Her superpowers especially help children with Down´s syndrome and cerebral palsy.


Ortho-Piet is the all-rounder among our heroes. Bravely he fights against tooth displacements and malposition of the jaw with children of the age of three. Pacifier &  co do not have a chance with Ortho-Piet!


Forget about teeth grinding, head ache and aching musculature of the face and jaw with BRUXIBEAR. He´s got the secret weapon to protect the chewing musculature and tooth substance and provides children from the age of three with an undisturbed sleep.

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